August 23, 2016

Treatment Plan


What can you expect when you visit our office?
In most cases, our physicians will conduct a thorough initial history, along with a physical examination, and assess all of the information provided by the patient prior to making a diagnosis. Once all of the pertinent information is gathered a decision will be made to identify if the patient meets the qualifications for chiropractic treatment, physical therapy or if they might be better suited for spinal decompression therapy. In many cases, basic modalities may be combined with chiropractic adjustments for optimal results.

The exam can include:
An Orthopedic and neurological examination
Review of MRI and/or X-Ray

Treatment Plans
When it comes to Spinal Decompression, patients typically expect to receive 20-25 sessions of decompression therapy. These sessions last for 20-30 minutes and are followed by  STIM along with a cold pack to help pain relief, minimize swelling and inflamation and help accelerate the healing process.

Some patients will need to undergo further testing, and may need to be referred out for further diagnostic testing. We treat each patient as an individual, so treatment plans can vary based on the individual, and how they respond to treatment.